Due to the cold temperatures and muddy conditions
we will be closing on Halloween.

OKC and surrounding areas prepare yourself for something like you have never seen before!

2023-haunted overdrive-calendar

Box Office open from 5:00pm - 11:00pm. We close after everyone gets through.

Hours of Operation
Fridays 5pm-11pm - Saturday and Sunday 5pm-11pm

* Family daytime hours 5pm-7pm Saturdays only.

* We shut down the ticket booth at 11:00pm and go home when the last person get out.

If you are in line by 11:00pm you will make it through. 

A single tickets gets you admission to both attractions.
We don’t sell single attraction tickets.
There are no refunds for any reason
If there is inclement weather we will close for the night and add an additional night to the schedule if needed.
Tickets purchased are good on any night


haunted corn maze_

The maze is open during daylight hours without actors.  There are scary scene’s but no actors or animatronics.  Children of all ages will enjoy finding their way through the corn maze.  When it gets dark… things change.  The maze will become haunted and will be terrifying!  You will encounter Row Walkers, Corn Wraiths, Corn stalkers, Truckstop Steve and his disciples.

Haunted Overdrive!

Read our story for more details!

fairytale forest logo

This is a trail leading through the forest.  There are many fairytale creatures living in the forest.  They are all good.  They are there to protect you.  Some of them are quite large and colorful.  During the day none of them will move and no actors will be present so small children will love this hike.  When it gets dark the Fairytale Forest comes alive!  Ultraviolet Lighting and huge animatronics will blow you away!  All of the creatures and actors are good!  They are there to protect you!  No need to fear!  Elvina, Jack, Apalala and Mother Shipton are there to protect you!  This is a magical forest like you have never seen!

All ages will be amazed at what they see!

Visual Overdrive!

20100 NE 178th St. Luther, OK 73054